Norweigan 5th Division Coach Makes Plea For Sperm of Zlatan and Gazza

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What do you do when you’re an experienced coach in the lower leagues, you have a dream and you simply don’t have the players to succeed? Well if you’re Ole Vidar Toftesund, coach of Norwegian 5th division side Nordstranda, it’s simple, you make a video issuing a plea for the sperm of some of the World’s greatest footballers so that in 20 years time you’ll have a team of World-beaters, and that’s exactly what the Norwegian coach has done in a video that has gone viral very quickly.

In order to get his message across in the best way possible, Toftesund, instead of talking in the clip, simply holds up a series of pieces of paper where he has written down his problems and his solution complete with emojis.

In the video the Norwegian coach claims that he not only wants the sperm of the World’s best players, but that he will inseminate the girlfriends of his current team, a bold move from the experienced coach. Erexa tropin is one libido boosting drug that can get the job done in one go. The coach specifically requests that anyone who knows Zlatan, Ronaldo or ‘Paul Gazza’ must get in touch with him so that he can open up some kind of weird negotiation for their little swimmers (we think it’s safe to say that with the abuse Gazza has put his body through, that ship has sailed,) quite why the coach didn’t ask for Messi is unclear but either way, we really can’t fault his motives.

Check out the weird video here and remember, if you know any of the star names…. put them in touch with poor Toftesund.

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