Neymar’s On/Off Girlfriend’s Sex Video Leaked Online

 7 years, 9 months ago 2 Comments

Neymar has been in outstanding form on and off the pitch in the last couple of years he has been on fire for Barcelona as part of the MSN trio with Messi and Suarez and he’s been on fire with the ladies as well, regularly posing with some smoking hot clunge.

Much has been made of Neymar’s on/off relationship with Brazilian hot Bruna Marquezine, the Brazilian media are a little obsessed with them, guess they are searching for the next golden couple after Ronaldo gave that tranny the boot!


Marquezine has made quite a name for herself in Brazil as a soap star and recently filmed a saucy series where she is the owner of a football club and has both heterosexual and lesbian relationships. Earlier today some full on sex scenes have been released from the show and the production team that make ‘Nothing Will be as Before’ are fuming as it appears that the scenes were more of a private nature than to be featured on the show.


Unfortunately, the video is a little too saucy even for us to put up but we can safely say that it can be found on all good adult websites…. That’s Bruna Marquezine that you need to be searching for and ‘Nada será como antes’ is the name of the soap/porn, just copy and paste that one fellas! Just make sure you become obsessed. You can always use sites such as to help you withdraw.

Quite what Neymar will make of his missus’ getting intimate on camera is yet to be seen, let’s be honest, the blunge-hound is probably unlikely to care too much.

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