Young Russian Team Beat The Shit Out Of Norwegian Team And Get Banned From Cup

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A Russian football team (SPK Cosmos) of notoriously violent players, in a tournament for young boys ages 10-19 have been fined and instantly banned after the match had to be called off as the whole team attacked their opposition, resulting in an abandoned match and police intervention.

The coach for Norway’s Herd team, Trond Lervik said that from the very start the Russian boys, “who were unusually large and well-built,” (starting rumours of steroid abuse and roid rage) had performed tackles which “resembled assaults.”

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“We knew from other teams that had met them that they played very tough, but we never thought it would go this far. We are shocked by what has happened,” he told Norway’s Sunnmørsposten newspaper. They stormed towards our players and beat them up. It was a real fight. We were rushing in to get them out of the way,” 
The police were called but by the time they arrived the Russian team had already left.
Rune Hekkelstrand from the Oslo police confirmed that the Russian team appeared to have been “very aggressive.” 
Several of the boys had black eyes, and one had a possible broken rib, but this has not been confirmed by paramedics,” he said.
We’re trying our best to find the video, but for now we’ll leave you with the empathetic apology from the Russian team’s coach:

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