Neymar’s Sister (Eight Insanely FIT Pictures of the Brazilian Stunner)

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Just in case you didn’t know; Neymar’s sister is absolutely breathtaking! We recently shared one photo of her on our Facebook fan page and understandably, our fans lost their minds. We can only begin to imagine how many mates the Barcelona frontman had when he was a little nipper. We would have certainly been around there for a kick around more often than not (whilst undoubtedly getting skinned all over in the process) to grab a peek at this beauty of a specimen.

Neymar is said to have a very close bond with his little sister and recently revealed a tattoo of her gorgeous face on his right arm.

Neymar’s Sister Changed Her Name For Becks…

Her name is Rafaella Beckran and she changed it from the family name “Da Silva Santos” because she is a huge David Beckham fan! (No, we are not making this up).


Neymar’s fit sister also played a cameo in Beats by Doctor Dre World Cup commercial – she’s the girl in the lift with Neymar. With an army of 130, 000 on Twitter and an Instagram account of adoring fans – we went on the lookout to find the very best, most gorgeous photos of Neymar’s 20-year-old sister. Another hard day at the office here at LOLFootball headquarters. Enjoy!

Neymar's Sister


Rocking the rock chick look!

It’s worth the head tilt…


And again….

Neymar's Sis

Neymar's sister with the pearly whites.




You can stalk the sh*t out of  her follow this work of art, that is Neymar’s sister on Instagram by clicking on this link here.

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