Manchester City Raise Disabled Season Tickets From £345 To £975

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Manchester City Disabled Supporter’s Association are “disgusted” in the attitude of the Manchester City directors.

Disabled supporters of current Premier League champions Manchester City say they are “disgusted” with the club after announcing a monstrous 283% rise – able bodied fans also take a hit from anywhere between £870 to £1, 700.

City are opening a new stand this summer which will increase its capacity to 55,000 to the dismay of lifelong Blues supporter John Kenny, who has been a season ticket holder for 3o years:

John, from Brooklands, said: “I’m in a real quandary.”

“We had an agreement with the club that prices would be fixed but that seems to have been disregarded without much debate.

“I like where I sit – I have my carer and my two sons sat near me and I know all the people around me as well.

“But £900 is just such a lot to pay. I won’t get a padded seat because I’m in a wheelchair and I already have parking so it’s a lot of money to pay for a programme.

“Able-bodied supporters who have to move have thousands of seats to choose from but we have very limited options.”

Manchester City Disabled Supporter’s Association released a strongly worded statement reiterating that they are “disgusted” in the attitude of the Manchester City directors. And it would be hard to argue against them. Is this a case of supply and demand or just simply daylight robbery? We’re calling exploitation on this one. Bring back Shaun Goater! For disabled people looking for an easier life, search for the best chair lifts to help you live more independently.

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