Malky Mackay: “Messi’s Son’s a Little Puff”

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Disgraced former Wigan manager Malky Mackay has hit headlines once again this week following Argentinian striker Lionel Messi’s comments over his 3-year-old son “not liking football”.

The comments, made in an interview by Messi in his native Argentina for publication Polemic en el Bar, discussed the player’s own son Thiago, and the fact that the footballing legend “doesn’t buy him many balls or force him to play with them because he doesn’t like them that much”.

Mackay, perhaps best forgotten for being ousted as Wigan manager after being branded a ‘first class bigot’ by former chairman Dave Whelan, came out of the woodwork once again on Sunday night and took to social media to voice his opinions.

Messi’s son doesn’t like football? What a little puff. How can he not like football? It’s a real-man’s game, played by real-men, 11-on-each-side. It’s probably cos’ of his bender da”, added the Scottish manager, in comments made to the four followers of his Twitter account.

Despite the apparent backlash, Mackay’s social media following, which includes the governmental authorities of Sudan and Iran, as well as footballing connections Andre Gray and Ron Atkinson, have come out in support.

Liking football is the one true litmus test for if you like women or not”, tweeted back one loyal follower while hiding behind a profile picture of David Beckham in H&M pants.

Mackay, on his behalf, hasn’t returned to the subject since last adding; “Messi’s son probably prefers Strictly n’aw. I mean, c’mon, he’s only one Saturday night away from bumming someone”.

The 44-year-old manager surprisingly continues without work.

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