Andre Gray Bombarded By Messages of Support from Robert Mugabe

 7 years, 10 months ago 1 Comment

processBurnley forward Andre Gray seems to have landed himself in some controversy regarding remarks made on his social media accounts back in 2012 but, thanks to one current African president, at least now he’s found some support.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, best known for targeting whites in his homeland, reducing its economy to tatters and for introducing questionable land reform measures, has seemingly found a kindred spirit in Gray.

Bombarding the 25-year-old former Luton Tower and Brentford player with cards of well-wishes and support from his offices in Harare, Burnley representatives say they have been “inundated” with post from the 92-year-old politician.

It seems Robert took a liking to some of the things Andre wrote on Twitter”, said one representative. “Especially the bits about faggots and gays.”

Mugabe, one can only assume, made polite reference to Gray in hope of drawing his attention back to the 1995 statements he made about gays in his own country being “worse than pigs and dogs.”

Andre hasn’t had much to smile about these past few days but Robert’s rather life-like stick-man representations of gays and animals doing “funny things” scribbled on these cards has helped raise a few chuckles”, said a Burnley spokesperson.

The 92-year-old President and Gray, who celebrated his first Premier League goal against Liverpool last weekend, are scheduled for an in-person meeting later this week.

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