Luke Shaw’s Brother Destroys Mourinho and Man United

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England and Manchester United fans have been buzzing this season with the return of left-back Luke Shaw from the horrible double leg break that he suffered last September against PSV following a horror tackle from Hector Moreno. It will no doubt take the young fella a little while to get back to full form but early signs have been encouraging. Mourinho looks to be nursing him back to health slowly but thanks to the poor start to the season that Mourinho and his Red Devils have made to the season, criticism on his handing of the young England star has been rife, with the left back’s brother even lobbying shots at the Portuguese manager.

Luke’s brother Ben has since been caught up in a Twitter whirlwind after he was clearly pissed off that Marcus Rojo got the nod ahead of brother Luke for the clash between Chelsea and Man U last weekend.


Brother Ben has not only deleted these tweets, assuming after his bro or family decided that calling his brother’s boss a cunt on a public forum might have some negative consequences. As with everything on Twitter however, someone always gets that screenshot and even though the tweets were deleted, that didn’t stop the internet from jumping on what Luke’s brother had to say.

Since the internet attraction however, Ben has publicly denied even writing the tweets, claiming he is a victim instead of some scheming photoshop monster:


Hmmmm, we’re not too sure about your theory benny boy, and another Twitter user was keen to point out Luke’s brother’s intentions:



Whether he wrote them or not is still unclear but it should certainly ward off any other siblings or family members of players from taking to social media to call their boss a cunt.

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