Harry Redknapp Runs Over His Wife in Range Rover

 7 years, 5 months ago 1 Comment

We’ve gotten pretty used to seeing ‘ in his famous Range Rover, sitting at the window talking to Sky reporters about his dodgy transfer dealings. Sadly, since the cockney wide-boy has been away from management for a little while, we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the football boss leaning his saggy face out of his car for quite a while.


It seems however that Redknapp still has his Range Rover and he may well be in a bit of bother with his Old Lady after he ran her over in a freak accident. Speaking to the BBC, dirty ‘Arry explains how he managed to do a number on his long-suffering wife, Sandra.

 “It was just a freak accident you know. 

“Sandra went across the road and unfortunately she had gone behind the car to cross over the road and as I went to drive off I drove over her ankle. 

“Its lucky, if the full weight of the car had gone over the ankle god knows what would have happened to her. We’re ok. She had an operation on her ankle that went well.”

Turns out Redknapp’s missus got her coat caught in the car before Harry hit the gas, no doubt looking forward to a bit of ‘man time’. Unfortunately for the ex-Spurs boss, his man time ended up being 24 hours in the local hospital with a no doubt pissed off wife. The couple returned to their #5 million home in Poole, Dorset after Sandra’s operation and it looks as though it may be even longer before we see Redknapp leaning out of that window for a long time. Maybe the window of the dog house that he’s gonna be in for a while!

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