Karren Brady Says West Ham Had ‘No Culture’ Before She Started

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West Ham are having a gash season, this was supposed to be the start of something special, European football, new stadium, Slaven Bilic at the helm and that tricky little fucker Payet performing things on the pitch that Messi would be proud of. The optimism soon got sucked out of the London side after they were knocked out of Europe by unknown Romanian side Astra, what followed has been one of their worst starts to a Premier League campaign, fans fighting in their atmosphere-less stadium and their sponsors tearing into their own team on Twitter. Fair to say that things are looking pretty shit for West Ham.


There is much to be said for the owners David Gold and David Sullivan, the greedy men who sold of the famous Upton Park in favour of renting a stadium of the council, and the entrepreneurial vice-chairman Karren Brady who will not have made any West Ham fans happy with her recent comments about the club.

“Getting the culture right, being a place where something is expected of you, that wasn’t there when my chairmen took over.”

That’s right Karren, West Ham definitely didn’t have a rich culture of exciting football, amazing fans with bubbles aplenty or the production of some of England’s finest footballers. Brady was speaking at a leadership summit and discussed that the reasons behind the Olympic Stadium move were because the club needed a ‘re-brand’. These comments will no doubt have thrilled the supporters, here’s the owners and chairmen talking about how great the club has become on a corporate level whilst the fans are left watching shit football in a silent stadium week after week, no doubt West Ham have the players and class to turn things around but how it will all pan out with greedy owners at the helm remains to be seen.

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