Jose Mourinho Takes Swipe at His Rivals

 7 years, 10 months ago 2 Comments

Jose Mourinho has kicked off the season nicely with a little goading towards Jurgen Klopp and Arsene Wenger following their comments about the eye-watering fee that Manchester United will pay for Paul Pogba. Klopp and Wenger have both been asked about the cost of the French international midfielder, Wenger slammed the deal as “completely crazy” whilst Klopp stated that he would never spend that much on a player even if he had unlimited funds.

As we all know, Mourinho isn’t one to shy away from the spotlight, especially when others speak about his team, he responded today with these comments:

“I don’t like to speak about other clubs or players from other clubs, other managers they like to do that and speak about my club and my players,” he said. “I’m very pragmatic on this. The only thing that matters for me is what happens in my house not my neighbours.

“I already heard two of my colleagues from other Premier League clubs and I have to confess I don’t like it. It’s not ethical.”


“When others do that nobody says anything I don’t speak about the others, they can do what they want. We made decisions. We brought four players, not 10, who are Man United level and can really improve the squad. 

“The others, it’s their problem they can do what they want.”

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