Leicester City Owners Rewards Players in STYLE Following League Win

 7 years, 10 months ago 0 Comments

Much has been said about the lack of cash that the Leicester City players received for winning the league. If you haven’t seen the news then in a nutshell, the players didn’t get a hefty bonus despite pulling off a Premier League miracle that has never been seen before and one that we’re unlikely to see again. The reason for this is that the highest bonus available to the players was if they finished 12th such were the expectations of the club at the beginning of the season, after smashing them to pieces however, the Leicester players deserved more than just the £360,000 lump sum that they received.


It was said that each player would receive a Mercedes B-Class electric valued at around £30,000, don’t get us wrong, it’s a nice car but after winning the league with Leicester it is a bit of shit reward. Fortunately for Vardy and Co. the owners felt the same way and instead have just given each first team player a BMW i8, one of the sexiest cars in the market right now and valued at over £100,000. Despite the cars all being the same it has been reported that Vardy’s will feature a specially designed drinks holder and small fridge in the boot for his WKD.

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