Joey Barton Upsets Gibraltar, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in One Night

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Queens Park Rangers captain Joey Barton is certainly no stranger to controversy and he doesn’t see to be considering being a shrinking violet any time soon. In a candid cameo on the BBC 5 live’s Monday night Club talk show, Joey told Gibraltar gaffer David Wilson that while his national team may be enjoying a Disney-esque romantic entrance to the world of football – in reality they are nothing but a pub team who would struggle to beat a Conference side.

Sotsman Wilson took it all on the chin in good spirits, laughing away the Scouser’s claims that Gibraltar haven’t done enough to earn their place in the qualifiers.

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Also in the show, Joey confidently claimed to the panel including Steve Claridge, Darren Fletcher and John Motson that should he have been born in any of the other British Isles nations – he would have hit a century of international caps by now.

“Realistically, if I was Northern Irish, Welsh, Scottish, I am getting 100 caps. That’s the reality, I would have 100 caps for sure. But because I’m English, I wouldn’t get them. That’s the difference.”

“You think, How many players barring Bale, in the other home nation squads, would get in the England national team?”

Barton later on backtracked with a cheeky jibe at Match of the Day pundit and full-time lover of himself Robbie Savage;

“I’ve just looked at Robbie Savage and Robbie got 39 Wales caps – so I probably would have only got 94-95 Wales caps. I take that back.”

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If Barton can’t rally his subdued troops towards a few victories at Loftus Road he could be playing in a lower quality division very soon. With four points from safety and rumours of a financial breakdown – the future for QPR is looking  grim.

Opinions on Barton aside; do you think he has a point?

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