Poole Town Boss With A Ingenious Way Of Dealing With Stadium Ban

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Poole Town manager Tom Killick found a novel way of watching his sides’ performance at the weekend, through an upstairs window of the groundsman’s house. Killick was handed a 6 match stadium ban after being found guilty of improper conduct after he went too far in arguing with the referee during his sides’ 1-0 defeat against Redditch.

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Despite the manager’s ingenuity which helped him to watch the Dolphins beat Cambridge at the weekend, Killick spoke to the Bournemouth Echo about how the new ‘dug-out’ position he has adopted is far from ideal.

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‘I can pretty much see the whole pitch apart from the goalmouth at the end I watch it from. It is quite a good vantage point but being detached from the players makes life difficult. I did not realise the significance of it at first, it just did not sink in. It is only the passage of time and games that makes you fully understand what it involves and just how much you miss.’

Look on the bright side Neil, you’re indoors, nice and warm with tea on tap and unlimited wi-fi, could always be worse mate.

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