Ivory Coast Player Saves Life of Moussa Doumbia on the Pitch

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In last weekend’s World Cup qualifier between Ivory Coast and Mali, the world witnessed an act of heroism as the Ivorian and PSG defender Serge Aurier saved the life of his opponent. The two players had gone up for a high ball and Doumbia landed awkwardly and passed out, with cat-like reflexes, Aurier realized that the player had started to swallow his tongue and put his hand in his mouth and pulled it out. Medics say that without this gesture, the Mali player could well have choked and died before the medical team arrived.


Aurier is an interesting character, he’s been known to be pretty outspoken and in the past has taken very public digs at the like of Laurent Blanc and even Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Currently the Ivorian defender has a 2 month suspended prison sentence hanging over him from when he assaulted a police officer. Regardless of this somewhat bad-boy reputation, the defender has just made himself a hero for the World to see.

Mali Coach Alain Giresse told the media: “All the players realised that Doumbia was choking and was about to swallow his tongue. That’s when Aurier, with one of our players, quickly put him on his side and pulled out his tongue, because he was about to lose his life.”

And here is the video of the wonderful act of heroism.

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