Prem Stars in the Middle of Gun Drama at the Airport

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The Nigerian football team got caught up in the middle of a crazy gun episode which involved a policemen firing shots into the air. The Nigerian boys including Chelsea’s Jon Obi Mikel, Man City’s Kelechi Iheanacho, Leicester’s Ahmed Musa and Arsenal’s Alex Iwobi, had been on International duty when they got into the airport mix up.


Two men who claimed to be police officers stopped the footballers convoy and demanded the arrest of Nigerian FA Vice-President Shehu Dikko, when officials asked to see the credentials of the policemen one of them whipped out his gun and started firing, clearly pissed off.

One of the witnesses who saw the incident told the Sun newspaper:

“One of the detectives pulled out his gun and threatened to shoot anyone interfering with his job.

“With tempers flaring, he repeatedly fired shots into the sky.”

The whole thing ended swiftly afterwards and the VP didn’t even get arrested in the end, a whole lot of commotion for absolutely nothing. Whilst the Nigerian lads are said to be shaken by what happened, they will be able to take solace in their 2-1 victory over Zambia shortly before it which sets them firmly on the road to Russia 2018.

This isn’t the first time that an incident involving guns and an African national team has taken place, in 2010s South African World Cup, the Togo bus was pulled over and fired upon as they drove through Angola which left 3 dead and 7 of the players wounded. It really is a jungle out there!

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