Didier Drogba Mistaken As Wyclef Jean in Scandalous Charity Scandal

 7 years, 9 months ago 1 Comment


For all those thinking he’d been gone until November, ex-Chelsea legend Didier Drogba has been in the news again of late due to several media outlets confusing him with a once-famous musician lambasted for allegedly stealing money from a charity fund.

Following stories running in The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror and others, stories involving the Ivory Coast national’s charity foundation were ran alongside images of ex-Fugees musician Wyclef Jean beating up kids and stealing their money in his native Haiti.

According to sources Drogba, currently playing Major League soccer at club Montreal Impact, is rumoured to be “very upset” at having been mistaken for the rapper, actor and musician, commonly known as “Clef”.

It doesn’t matter what my name is” Drogba reportedly told reporters, outside of his garden full of trees, with his pocket full of cheese.

“What matters is that this story gets rectified as soon as possible. And that people understand that The Drogba Foundation is in no way related to the plight of Haitian people for who, it has to be said, I really couldn’t give two shits about”, added the Abidjan-born striker.

LOLfootball.com, after learning about such a grievous mistake, is urging our readers to please call 911.

Tell them Didier’s just been shot down. That there’s a bullet in his heart. And that it’s piercing through his soul.

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