West Ham Fans Chant Anti-Semitic Songs En Route To Spurs

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A fan has caught footage of West Ham United fans chanting anti semitic songs on a train heading to yesterday’s game against Tottenham Hotspur. The video shows a small group of West Ham fans on a train to the Spurs game chanting “We’ve got a foreskin haven’t you, fucking Jew,” as if the chant itself wasn’t vicious and despicable enough, the guy who uploaded it said that it was being chanted while going through a well known Jewish area.


In my opinion this is actually a positive thing to have happened, especially so soon after the events last Wednesday with the Chelsea fans and I’ll tell you why. Those Chelsea fans would be have been sitting at Stamford Bridge yesterday, joining Mourinho in his frustration at the inaccuracies of Martin Atkinson, unless that racist incident was filmed and uploaded by a member of the public. Fast forward 4 days and here we see again the power of the mobile phone as another fan sees something he knows is wrong and uploads it for the world to see.

Racism and prejudice happen at the large majority of games, so lets stop pretending it doesn’t, let’s start naming and shaming these narrow minded idiots and clear them all out of the game we love.

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