Emmanuel Eboue Obsessed With Converting Jamie Redknapp to Christianity

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In possibly the weirdest story that you’ll hear this week, it turns out that Emmanuel Eboue has been bombarding former Liverpool, Spurs and England star Jamie Redknapp with daily texts about turning to God. Jamie Redknapp was talking on Sky’s A League of Their Own when he revealed the weird goings on from the Arsenal right back.


Apparently the ex-Arsenal defender’s child is the same age as Redknapp’s and they play football together, despite this connection, Redknapp states that he ‘doesn’t even know him’ when talking about Eboue. As Redknapp tells the story, Corden begs him to read one of the texts out and Redknapp is happy to indulge:

“The quote of the day: Do you think you’ve failed? With God, it is never too late for a new start”

Naturally Corden and opposing panel captain Jack Whitehall are absolutely loving it as Redknapp reveals the weird connection between him and the ex-Arsenal man, perhaps after seeing the show Eboue will put a halt to his biblical harassment of the ex-midifelder.

Eboue is currently club-less after being released by Sunderland at the ned of the year, having made a grand total of zero appearances. Looks like he’s just sitting around in his pants, watching Loose Women and bombarding Redknapp with his Christian ramblings, we think the injury-prone Arsenal boy needs an intervention.

If you know Emmanuel and want to help then it’s time to take the poor guy out for a beer, save him from himself!

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