Guatemalan Football Player Beats Up Referee After YELLOW Card (Video)

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Mad secenes as Guatemalan football player beats up referee

The shocking image above is taking just seconds after the unbelievable moment when a Guatemalan football player beats up referee, Sergio Castañeda after receiving a yellow card during a Guatemalan third division match between Deportivo Chicacao and Obereños. Admittedly, it was a bit of a sh***y decision on the official’s part, as the psycho footballer in question Daniel Pedrosa accidentally bumped into him whilst advancing forward for the ball. Not the first time we’ve seen such craziness on Latin America!

The referee took umbrage in the carelessness of the player and went for his card, issuing a cautionary yellow to the defensive midfielder – who preceded to beat the living shit out of the ref. Shockingly, Pedrosa head-butted him before swinging windmill punches until the poor bloke was hunched over in pain.

The rest of the players on the pitch and other officials ran to the defence of the dazed and dizzy Castañeda, but it was too late as he fell to the floor whilst the disgraced footballing thug strutted off unapologetically. You can see the display of supreme bellendary on the following video below:

Guatemalan Football Player Beats Up Referee

The referee is said to be unsurprisingly shocked after the attack, and is taking some time out of the game to licks his wounds. As for the scumbag Pedrosa- surely a football player beating up a referee calls for a lifetime ban and nothing else below that?

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