Lord Nicklas Bendtner Doesn’t Know Why You Call Him Lord

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Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner has become something of a real life caricature since his unparalleled self-confidence failed to match his ability on the football pitch. The self-proclaimed ‘greatest striker in the world’ admitted in a recent interview that he was unsure of the context regarding the use of the name ‘Lord’ since becoming aware of his internet stardom.

“The problem with this [nickname] is that I do not know where it comes from and understand if it is funny,” Bendtner told sexy Germanly named newspaper Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung.

“Am I being ridiculed? Is it serious?

“I think it is a phenomenon of the youth [on social media]. They think that sounds good.”

It’s beyond us how Bendtner doesn’t quite get that it’s all clearly  a piss-take, but we suspect the reality of the situation bounces off his indestructible ego.

Nicklas Bendter

The former Arsenal front man went on to add yet another quote to enter his catalogue of pearls of Lord Wisdom:

“I am not sure what my image is. It’s different for different people, I believe. “My mother always told me that I am person who polarises opinion.

“There is this saying in Denmark: ‘You are someone who divides the sea.’ “I meet people, who think that I am the greatest person in the world, and I also meet others who want to throw bottles at me.”

The Lord has spoken!

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