Gary Lineker Mercilessly Trolled During Walkers Crisps Campaign

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Ready Salted, Salt & Lineker, Pedo Onion. Those are just three of Walkers’ most well known Crisp flavours which the nation has been enjoying for the past few decades. Not quite familiar with the last one? Well thanks to a classic case of digital marketing gone wrong England legend Gary Lineker has ended up advertising crisps with legendary sex pest Jimmy Saville.

Obviously that marketing ploy was not the intention of the potato snack behemoth but they have certainly ended up in something of a crumby situation. Walkers had the now not so bright idea of launching a campaign called #WalkersWave.

Walkers in their not so infinite wisdom invited fans of crisps and to be honest who doesn’t love crisps to send in their pictures which ambassador Gary Lineker (an ambassador for Crisps? I thought that was only necessary for Ferrero Rocher) would then be digitally mocked up with a selection of the best pictures.

Sounds a great idea doesn’t it, having your picture held up by a player who once shit himself during a World Cup game, I mean what could possibly go wrong? It turns out quite a lot. Such is the mischievous nature of Social Media users that this was far too good an opportunity to miss, dare I say it presented people with something of an open goal.

Within minutes of Gary was in very esteemed company. The campaign was launched to help promote Walkers sponsorship of next month’s Champions League final and it is quite ironic that Gary was seen holding the pictures of Champions League calibre nonces. Pictures of Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris were held up by the Match of the Day presenter with the digital Lineker obviously none the wiser.

When you talk about lethal finishers of days gone by then you would have to put Lineker right up there, then again the same could be said about Harold Shipman who had a prolific record in his Doctor’s surgery after killing over 200 pensioners. Therefore it was almost fitting that two of the very best were pictured together as once again Lineker fell foul of the twisted minds that lurk in the darkest corners of the internet.

As hilarious as these pictures were unfortunately Walkers failed to see the funny side and it comes as no surprise that the tweets have now been removed (although a quick Google search will show them in all their glory). I guess that is what happens when you leave the public in charge of marketing.

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