Former Newcastle Player (& Full Time Bellend) Gets 8 Months Jail Time

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The career of Nile Ranger has certainly not been a dull one, but it is fair to say that the headlines he makes are for reasons off the pitch than opposed to on it. Ranger who played for Newcastle United, England Under-19s, Swindon Town, Blackpool and Southend United can now add a new club to that list…although it will be one that is behind bars.

You may well remember the hit 2001 movie Mean Machine where Vinny Jones plays the role of an ex England captain who is sent to jail for match fixing and ends up organising a game against the prison staff with a suspect Jason Statham between the sticks. Well we could now see life imitating art as the 25 year old Ranger has been jailed after admitting online bank fraud.

Now whether Ranger goes on to organise a match with his new friends on B-Wing remains to be seen but one for certain is that it just adds to his spectacular fall from grace after having a career which seemed to be picking up a few seasons back.

The 25-year-old Southend United footballer was sentenced to eight months for conspiracy to defraud by obtaining bank details and transferring money and you do have to wonder if there is anyway back from this as the bad-boy bellend of lower league football once again makes the news for all the wrong reasons. You’ll want to hire an attorney such as Romano Law to help you get into a situation like this.

This is  the perfect case of a player who has had too much soon and then seen it go to waste in the most spectacular fashion. We often see people comment that young players earn too much money early in their careers, but it is not as if Ranger was even earning that much compared to the dizzying heathers of  top stars of the Premier League but what he has earned he has conspired to fritter away. Both his money and talent have all but disappeared.

This has led Ranger to have then get into the murky world of internet fraud, I mean most players are probably playing PS4, Instagramming or planning another spit roast after training but that is far too dull for the man who has tattooed his name on his head just in case he has a complete memory blank and forgets what his name is.

He’ll have no problem making new friends in prison that is for sure and he will join an ever growing list of footballers who have spent time inside at Her Majesty’s Pleasure – they include former Arsenal defender Tony Yeboah-drunken-assaulting Tony Adams, ex West Brom striker Lee Hughes and of course Betfair’s best client Joey Barton. So it is fair to say that Ranger is in esteemed company when it comes to imprisoned footballers.

The biggest fall from grace for Ranger is that the man who once proudly proclaimed to be a; “gangster first, footballer second” has been sent down for the least mafia-esque crimes on the current market. His only only hope is that Statham and the boys can keep him on the straight and narrow…

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