Mexican Footballer Goes All ‘Breaking Bad’ And Gets Caught Smuggling Meth

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In a news story that will do absolutely nothing for the Mexican stereotype, Tijuana defender Daniel Gomez has been caught trying to smuggle a huge 48lbs of methamphetamine into the US. The hapless footballer was arrested on the 5th of April after being caught at the Otasa Bay border crossing whilst trying to enter the US in his car.

Despite telling the customs official that he was traveling for work, the officer got suspicious and decided to run a routine search of the Mexican’s car. The officer noticed a few irregularities with the spare tyre in the boot and upon investigation managed to hit the jackpot and found 23 packages of the drug.

The Tijuana man, upon investigation, claimed that whilst the car was his, he knew nothing about the packages continued in the boot, seems legit. In fact, the defender pointed to the fact that he had left his car unattended as he went for breakfast in Denny’s in his home town on the morning that he left. Well that clears it up doesn’t it, a narcotrafficker has clearly broken into the boot and stashed some meth in there in the hopes that one day, the car’s owner will head to the States.

After the original 23 packages were found, the CBS decided to further search the vehicle and found a further 11 packages of the substance. Well there goes our Denny’s alibi!

The case continues and Gomez has remained detained as he is considered a flight risk. Fair to say that the contract negotiations which he was in the process of having with his club may have broken down somewhat!

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