Football’s Greatest Long Distance Goals

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Stoke’s Charlie Adam scored the goal of the season against Chelsea today after he lobbed Thibaut Coutois from inside his own half, 59 metres is the early estimation, absolutely ridiculous. With Adam’s strike in mind we wanted to take look back at some of the greatest long range strikes that football has ever seen.

David Beckham

Beckham announced himself to the world when he scored this halfway line strike against Wimbledon’s Neil Sullivan on the opening day pf the season, every long range goal scored since is always measured against Beckham’s wonder strike.

Wayne Rooney

Wazza left keeper Adrian flapping as he scored this brilliant looping volley in 2014 against West Ham, and the goal from almost the exact same position to Beckham’s strike, sparking heated debates over who’s was better, we’ll leave that to you.

Xabi Alonso

Xabi Alonso is so good that he has scored from inside his own half on 2 occasions, only 1 was in the League however and that came against Newcastle in 2006, the sexy Spaniard had been known to try this cheeky shot and unfortunately for Steve Harper today was Xabi’s lucky day. The recently illustrious Alonso also scored a goal from inside his own half in the cup against Luton with his ‘weak’ foot, but admittedly there was a distinct lack of a goalkeeper which taints it a little.

Amar Nayim

The goal that Arsenal fans and big Dave Seaman will want to forget, partly because it meant that they lost the Cup Winners Cup final, partly because Seaman was lobbed from 40 yards and partly because the goalscorer was ex-Tottenham. With the game looking certain for a penalty shootout, Real Zaragoza’s Nayim pops up with this stunner in the dying seconds.

Dean Cox

Leyton Orient’s Dean Cox scored this long ranger against Walsall on a Tuesday night, it’s not Stoke on a Monday, but it ain’t far off, and he managed to produce this screamer from improbable range. What makes this goal even more special is that most long range goals are lobs, this one goes like a bullet, some thigh muscles!

Stefan Ishizaki

In all honesty, the goalkeeper has a bit of a shocker here but Elfsborg’s Ishizaki uses outstanding technique to hit this ball first time, let alone on target.

Lest we forget Clarence Seedorf’s Thunderbastard for Real Madrid too…

Charlie Adam

And finally, the one that prompted this piece, Charlie Adam’s audacious strike against Chelsea, where do you think it ranks among the others?

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