Which Football Teams Do The Politicians Support?

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So here we are the biggest day of the politics season, if you are a fan of all things Westminster then this is the equivalent of the World Cup Final. Conservative vs Labour, Blue vs Red, May vs Corbyn, The Vicar’s Daughter vs The Geography Teacher.

A titanic clash between two parties and the Liberal Democrats in a battle to see who will lead the United Kingdom into the choppy seas of Brexit negotiations. Trade deals and immigration controls are all very well but we want to get down to the nitty gritty, the things that really matter and for this website we want to know what football teams do MP’s support.

Now MP’s supporting Football teams is always something of a murky business. David Mellor infamously used to support Fulham before switching allegiances to Chelsea while David Cameron has a tenuous at best link to supporting Aston Villa after once saying he was a West Ham fan.

It seems as if supporting a Football team or at least being perceived to support one is used as a cynical ploy to get voters on board, it is if they are saying “Isn’t the working man’s game great, I’m one of you, honest!”

So with that in mind let’s take a closer look as to who supports who, when the murky world of politics mixes with the beautiful game.

Jeremy Corbyn should probably support someone like Spartak Moscow what with his Communist allegiances but he actually is a fan of Arsenal, considering he is the MP for Islington that should come as no surprise. Well done Jezza for supporting your local team.

His main adversary Theresa May is more of a Cricket fan (Test Match rather than the glitz of T20 I would imagine) but it is believed she has a soft spot for AFC Wimbledon after spending 8 years as a councillor in Merton. Will she be leading her own Crazy Gang to power? So you heard it here first; Theresa May is allegedly a big fan of Vinnie Jones’s tackle.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron says he supports Blackburn Rovers but like so many other views he probably will not admit that when questioned, while former leader Nick Clegg is a massive Tennis fan who started following Arsenal and was lucky enough to shake the hand of Arsene Wenger. Maybe the years of failure then rubbed off onto the former Coalition member.

North of the border Wee Jimmy Krankie look-a-like Nicola Sturgeon is an avid Ayr United fan although with her track record I’m surprised she’s not a fan of Independiente in Argentina, her right man Alec Salmond is a supporter of Hearts of Midlothian. There certainly could be broken hearts if Scotland do not get given a second referendum.

So a who’s who of political powerhouses and the teams that they call their own, and you’re more than welcome for the May/Vinnie visual currently stirring around your head.

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