Former Blackburn Striker Denys Fake News Death Rumours

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Fake News is all the rage these days as the machine of propaganda in both the East and the West rolls on at a relentless pace. Some of the most important figures in the world today get caught up in the murky world of made up stories and it also seems to have reached the world of Football.

That is because former South African international Benni McCarthy was reported to have died earlier this week, that of course would be incredibly sad news but instead of sad news it is just bad news as McCarthy himself has quelled rumours of his untimely death.

I guess it’s quite easy to dispel rumours of a death as you literally just have to show your face on camera and tell the world that you are alive. The 39 year old former Blackburn striker took to Facebook to tell his legion of fans

“Guys please dont believe this news thats going around about me being found dead in London! its totally #FakeNews!!!”, “I am very much alive! Thank you for all the messages of concern! People that create this fake news have no respect and are messing with people’s lives & emotions!

It was reported that McCarthy had been involved in a car crash but thankfully this has not proven to to be the case. Although why you would want to spread a rumour as to why he has passed away is beyond me. But I guess any celeb is up the chop around the time that Aaron Ramsey nets a goal.

When you think of the Premier League’s most hated players it is a list that McCarthy is nowhere near entering so it is not as if someone has an axe to grind due to the heinous actions of the goal poachers from days gone by.

Truth be told you could not think of a more ridiculous Chinese whisper – I mean imagine that for a conversation down the pub.

“You heard that Benni McCarthy has passed away?”
“Is he the one who had the falling out with Roy Keane?”

“No that’s Mick, I’m talking about the bloke who had a spell at West Ham”
“Never heard of him mate, anyway what about this Paris Climate Deal….”

So it brings us great pleasure in confirming that Benni McCarthy is very much alive and kicking.

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