Delusional West Ham Chairman David Gold is at it Again

 7 years, 10 months ago 1 Comment

West Ham are in a right state, in a season that was supposed to be the beginning of their assault on Europe, new stadium to look forward to as well as the Europa League, things have started horribly. Knocked out of the Europa League by the same random Romanian side for the second year in a row, a stadium with less atmosphere than a fart and violent scenes between fans, and it is only September.

Regardless of what is actually happening in real life, chairman David Gold thinks that his West Ham outfit are on the brink of something special and consistently makes himself look like a total bellend on Twitter, and he’s been at it again likening his West Ham team to the Moon Landings. Hapless Gold tweeted this:

Quite what the fool is thinking is beyond us, West Ham fans came out in force to highlight quite how stupid their money-grabbing chairman was being with these hilarious replies.

And of course, there were some conspiracy theorists thrown in for good measure.

David Gold is a nightmare on Twitter, remember the time when he claimed ‘jet-lag’ for liking a tweet saying Allardyce should be sacked when he was still manager of the London club? He did send this tweet at 3am this morning, maybe he’d been on the whisky, seriously Dave, put the phone down and go to bed.

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