Outrageous Throw-in Assist From the US League

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It’s been a very long time since we witnessed what is one of the most gymnastic acts on a football pitch, the flip-throw, this rare piece of footballing brilliance was pulled out of the locker by Colorado Rapids female player Danica Evans. We always see crazy flips and somersaults in football after goal celebrations, sometimes leading to fatal consequences but let’s be honest, those crazy celebrations are done with no pressure and with adrenalin flying around the body, the flip-throw is an art form and Evans did it so well that it lead to one of the finest assists we’ve seen lately.


For those of you old enough, you may remember the Steve Watson doing this throw in for Newcastle many years ago, channeling his inner ginger fire to achieve an incredibly long throw after a touchline front flip making people like Rory Delap look like amateurs. The pressure on these types of throw-ins is pretty high, just imagine what nob you’d look like if you fucked it up!

Colorado won their game against Hawaii 3-1 and the assist for the second goal not only featured the flip-throw which travelled almost 50 yards, but also a pretty fine looping header. We’d absolutely love to see a bit more of this in the Premier League, perhaps Dimitri Payet could go one better than his incredible Ramona assist last week replicate what Evans did for Colorado, or maybe even James Milner dispelling the myths that he’s boring by giving us a front flip worthy of Olympic gold. We can only dream. Check out the video of this awesome assist below.

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