Cocaine-Shamed Prem Star Takes His First Job in Management

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Once upon a time Adrian Mutu was one of Europe’s hottest properties, the Romanian forward had been smashing the goals in for both Verona and Parma in the early noughties and he was snapped up by Chelsea in 2003 as Roman Abromovich started injecting millions into his new football club. Under Mourinho, the Romanian didn’t have the best time of it, they both accused each other of being liars after he wasn’t featured in the national side and in 2004 Mutu failed a drugs test, testing positive for cocaine use and was released by the club.


What followed was a long and messy break up that saw the Romanian being forced to pay Chelsea almost £17 million in damages. After the Chelsea love affair was over Mutu sought refuge with the Old Lady, like many of us would after a nasty break up, he went on to play for Fiorentina after the match fixing scandal that saw Juve demoted Mutu wasn’t accused of anything but you can be pretty sure that he played his part.

Fair to say that whilst talented, Mutu is far from a role model and his career saw him banned twice and caught up in plenty of controversy, we were pretty surprised then when we heard the news that the Romanian had been announced as General Manager of Dinamo Bucharest, the club where he played during the early stages of his career.

Quite what his role will be as General Manager is unclear but you can be damn sure that it won’t be to teach the youngsters how to act throughout their career! Chief shareholder of Bucharest, Ionut Negoita had this to say about the appointment:

“I am pleased that Adrian Mutu is with us and am confident that his experience in international football will lead us to a new standard of performance both domestically and in Europe.”

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