Ex Premier League Star Charged in Court With Cocaine and Ecstasy Possession

 7 years, 9 months ago 1 Comment

Drugs aren’t so popular in the beautiful game of ours and not since the Adrian Mutu days have we seen players, or even ex-players dabbling in a bit of sniff or any other class A’s, that is until now. Chris Armstrong, the ex Crystal Palace and Tottenham striker who was once Spurs most expensive signing has been criminally charged with possession of cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana and somewhat more surprisingly, strenuously denied that he has a drug problem, reports that he was gurning like a fish in court are unsubstantiated.

Armstrong, now a deadlock rocking 45 year old was famously banned by the FA whilst playing for Crystal Palace for smoking marijuana, a hobby that the ex striker clearly could never part company from. In spite of Armstrong’s clear love affair with tasty white powder, a cheeky spliff and disco biscuits, the Newcastle born Prem star had a relatively successful career scoring 124 goals in 402 career appearances and being part of the team that lifted the League Cup in 1999 with Spurs.

Following the July police raid on his Kensington home where the stash of drugs were found Armstrong pleaded guilty in a court in Hammersmith  got away with just a cheeky £375 charge in court, guess he still does have a bit of star power about him. Making a mistake such as this would require a reputable law firm such as https://phillipslawoffices.com to ensure you get the least damaging outcome.

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