The Dab has Finally Found it’s Way Onto The Pitch

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The Dab has been taking the internet by storm in the past year, what started in the NFL with Sam Newton who is seen as the originator of the weird dance move. Since then it is happening everywhere including in football as part of a goal celebration, Jesse Lingaard knocked one out, Lukaku has been seen doing it and Paul Pogba seems to have some kind of Dab tourettes. In all honesty, the whole thing is getting a little ridiculous but it seems to have now found it’s way onto the pitch, could we be about to see a revolution of the Dab as a football move to skin your opponents?


It may not be as elegant as the Cruyff turn or as confusing as the flip-flap but a couple of South African players may have just set the precedent for a new move. In the game today between Free State Stars and Platinum Stars, Langelihle Ndlovu and Pule Mmodi both used the now famous Dab in conjunction with a little bit of trickery, and to be fair, it could have legs.

Naturally it is in the early stages but isn’t it about time we had some new skills on the pitch! The step over has become boring and when the likes of Martin Skrtel are able to do a Maradona turn then that is a wake-up call that we need new skills. Pogba looks best placed to hone the move although we’re not exactly sure what Mourinho would make of his record signing swagging it out on the pitch. Whoever takes it on, let’s just hope that they can nail it, you’d look like a total bell-end if you lost possession after such audacious arrogance.

Here is the South African boys doing their version…

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