Big Sam’s Saucy Sunday: Danny Ings’ Girlfriend, Ellis Duke

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It’s been quite a turbulent couple of months for Big Sam, not only has he had to take the over-expecting reigns as the England national manager – but he’s also had to have a go at the unprecedented pressure of taking over here at from his predecessor, Roy Hodgson for being responsible for finding the greatest clunge on global football radar.

Woy may have let us down in the Euros, but he always came up trumps when searching for the sexiest WAGS over the years. Sam Allardyce is of course a man’s man and not the type to shirk away from a challenge, so whilst munching on a jumbo size packet of beef Monster Munch washed down with a special brew in his local Dudley pub – the former Sunderland bruiser told us that Liverpool was the prime place to kick off his Saucy Sunday debut…

“After Adam Lallana’s proper man’s scrappy goal against Slovakia in the last minute, I figured the sexiest women in England right now must be living in Liverpool, and I wasn’t disappointed when I met Danny Ings’ missus at a charity event for ‘fat kids who don’t want to go in goal.’

As soon as I saw Ellis, she reminded me of a fish n’chips server who I used to court back in my Huddersfield Town days. From the moment my eyes locked hers, I was instantly taken to a level of sexual euphoria that only a Kevin Davies bullet header could have gotten me to back in my Bolton days.

I managed to take a couple of snaps, anyway. Enjoy…” 


Pier jam + out out!

A photo posted by Ellis Duke (@ellisduke23) on


A photo posted by Ellis Duke (@ellisduke23) on

Last night #disturbingibiza

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Brunch ✨⚫️

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My babies suprising me with a caterpillar cake

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A photo posted by Ellis Duke (@ellisduke23) on

Is you with me or what?

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A photo posted by Ellis Duke (@ellisduke23) on


A photo posted by Ellis Duke (@ellisduke23) on

Danny’s boss Jurgen Klopp may be giving us cryptic messages about the lad’s return to first-team action and some media outlets suggest that Danny may have recently been ‘playing away’ with a mystery blonde, but we see no harm in bringing this beauty to your attention regardless, and Big Sam happens to agree.


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