Barcelona Go Full Bunny Boiler Over Neymar Switch

 6 years, 11 months ago 0 Comments

Some teams just can’t let players go can they, the bitter aftertaste of a transfer is too much to cope with and this week Barcelona have gone full on bunny boiler as they announce that they are suing Neymar for almost 9 million Euros.

Barcelona were caught with their pants down this summer after oil-rich PSG met the buyout clause in Neymar’s contract, a figure which was surely put in there think ‘no idiots will stump up that amount of cash’. We’ve all been there, you treat your girl good, buy her nice things, tell her she’s the most special girl in your life and then bang, some rich fucker comes along and swipes her straight from under your nose.

Now it seems that the Spanish giants are looking to exact some revenge on the Brazilian for changing allegiances and are looking to snip the wily midfielder for a a few million quid for breaching his contract. This is clearly the financial equivalent of taking that mix tape back, or whatever the 21st Century version is, Spotify playlist doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Anyway, Neymar accepted a juicy bonus after renewing his contract up until 2021 but the sweetener was given to him on the basis that the little runt stayed loyal, something which we now know is not the case.

Barcelona are looking so lost right now after losing Neymar, they have already done the customary ‘shag a munter on the rebound’ after spaffing £40 million on Brazilian muppet Paulinho, and now they have plumbed new depths in looking to sue their former lover.

Where’s your dignity Barcelona, go home, eat some ice cream, throw some Alanis Morrisette on and get your shit together, plenty more fish and all that.

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