Are Tottenham Choking Before The Season Begins

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Spurs love nothing more than choking on their own potential right at the crucial moment don’t they! Even though the Lilywhites may have improved drastically in recent seasons with a 3rd and 2nd place finish in the last two, they famously came 3rd in a 2 horse race back in 15/16 and last year they may have done well to stay second behind galloping Chelsea, but they bottled their chance to win a cup when the Blues beat them in the semi-finals.

Everyone can see that Spurs have one of the best young squads in the Premier League, perhaps in Europe and in Pochettino they have a manager with a real talent and an outstanding ability to pick just the right jacket for the occasion, fashion game is strong with this one.

During the close season, Spurs had two objectives, keep the key players, give Sissoko away to literally anyone who would take him, regardless of price, and add some strength to the squad. So far the North London choke artists have managed to flog their star right back to a rival and Sissoko still rocks up to training each day, oh and strengthening the squad? Chairman Daniel Levy didn’t fancy it.

The Spurs chairman loves thrashing out a bargain and is certainly no stranger to late moves but with such an important season ahead, Spurs can not afford to play fast and loose with the transfer market.

In typical Spursy fashion, right on the cusp of the start of the season Eriksen is strongly linked with Barca and Danny Rose has told The Scum Sun newspaper all of his deepest darkest secrets, specifically the fact that he gets paid a pittance and is sick of Googling the new players to find out who they are, when they come in.

So, have Spurs once again surpassed themselves and actually managed to choke before the season begins? Or do wily Levy and Pochettino have a Pinky and The Brain-esque plan to somehow take over the world?

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