Miss Italy Doing Keepy Ups in a Swimsuit, Good God!

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So you’ve probably had a long day and just want to lie back on your sofa and relax, well don’t worry because we’ve got you covered, a beautiful woman, in a swimsuit and Chanel sunglasses, doing keep ups, not since hob-nobs were first dunked in tea has their been a better combination.

Debora Novellino was crowned Miss Italia a few months ago and it is very easy to see why, perfect body, beautiful face and we hear that she cooks a mean meatball calzone, although that is yet to be confirmed. The Italian beauty also has a love of the beautiful game and dreams of one day playing for the women’s national side:

“I want to play for the national team and then go into the world of television and show-business as the presenter of a sports programme.”

Well I think I can speak for us all when I say that seeing her on a football pitch would be pretty epic, but tuning in each week to watch the stunning Italian show us football highlights, preferably in her swimsuit, would be a damn sight better than watching Ian Wright wanking off about ‘Feo’ Walcott or Phil Neville trying to cobble together his words in a coherent sentence.

Anyway let’s get down to business, here, to finish your day with a smile is the gorgeous Miss Italia knocking out some keep ups in her swimwear. An on retailer like swimsuitsforall can help consumers find swimwear for all shapes and sizes.

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