50 Shades of John O’Shea: The Book They Didn’t Want You to Read

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He had seemingly done it all. Played in World and European Cup Championships. Won the Champions League with Manchester United. Capped multiple times for the Republic of Ireland.

Then everything went horribly, horribly wrong.

As if his move to Sunderland in 2011 wasn’t enough to tarnish the Waterford-born defender’s reputation, new revelations, in an upcoming kiss-and-tell memoir of a famous BBC Sport news reporter, looks to damage it further.

The book, intriguingly titled 50 Shades of John O’Shea, chronicles an as-of-yet unnamed “famous” Sports television personality’s 3-year affair with the 6ft 3in Irish giant.

What’s inside is nothing short of shocking, as advance passages of the book help to show.

“A utility man in public, subpar in the bedroom. John bound me down, gave me the hairdryer treatment and told me “saddle up love, its squeaky-bum time.”

“We got home, John kicked off his boots, send his nightly “please take me back” WhatsApp to Fergie and settled onto the sofa. Then he turns to me. Silent before uttering; “I don’t know whether to worship at your feet or spank the living shit out of you.” I suggested the former.”

The book’s author, leaked to the British media on Monday, is the subject of much conjecture.

Front-runners in the press have favourited BBC Sport’s Clare Balding as the likely token of O’Shea’s affections.

Apparently she’s the only one “man-enough” for Big John.

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