Alexis Sanchez Could be Heading to Jail After Shady Dealings

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Arsenal players have a history of being out for some time, usually through the insane amount of injuries that the team pick up, seriously WTF does Wenger do to those poor guys! Anyway, t looks as though their star forward Alexis Sanchez could be staring down the barrel of a long lay off, instead of being pounded on the training field by Wenger however, the little Chilean striker could be getting pounded in the showers in a Spanish jail after being caught making dodgy moves with his cash.

In a story similar to Leo Messi and Javier Mascherano, Sanchez decided that paying taxes during his Barca days wasn’t for him and he’s being investigated for missing a few inland revenue payments to the tune of £887,736. Not satisfied with just withholding taxes the little fella is also accused of simulating the transfer of image rights to a Malta-based company, called Numidia Trading. If found guilty of the offences then Sanchez is going to be in big shit and may not be able to avoid a prison term like Messi did.


Messi is currently serving a suspended jail sentence of 12 months and Mascherano was forced to pay hefty fines after being found guilty of tax avoidance. Sanchez however also has the little problem of stashing his cash in a Maltese tax haven under a sketchy company name which could see the little Latino playing keepy upy with the soap. When you start earning a lot of money someone like Patrick Dwyer financial advisor and other professionals can help you manage your money the right way so you don’t get into trouble with the law.

Arsenal can ill afford to do without the striker’s influence as they seek to actually win something for a change and there is little doubt that a prison term for Alexis would dent Arsenal’s hopes of one day finishing above 3rd place in the league.  The case continues and we’ll give you updates as it progresses.

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