Alan Shearer Breaks Twitter and Joins East 17

 9 years, 7 months ago 2 Comments

Twitter can be a ruthless environment when you’re deep in the sporting spotlight; just ask Lee Dixon. And as the turn of events proved last week – even if you’re the Premier League’s all-time leading scorer; an unforgiving fashion faux-pas does not make you immune to a good old social media shafting. Just ask former Toon and Blackburn Rovers (ok, and you too, Southampton) hit-man, turned menacingly-serious Match of the Day pundit, Alan Shearer.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 03.34.13

Big Al was pitch side for Blyth Spartans’ David Vs Goliath FA Cup victory over Hartlepool on Friday, reporting for the BBC (before upsetting our very own Jeff Stelling) donning a questionable choice of jackets. Twitter went mental…


The former England captain’s choice of chav parka screamed of nostalgia, which was hard to pinpoint; until this voice of Twitter reason piped up…

Shearer is rumoured to be joining Brian Harvey and the crew for an all-star attack on another christmas number one. Luckily, we have privileged footage of Shearer’s vocals during this christmas classic…


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