Adebayo Akinfenwa: The Man Behind the Beast

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Forget Júlio Baptista or Sandro – the real beast makes these lads look like Peter Crouch by comparison.

Adebayo Akinfenwa, who currently plays for AFC Wimbledon as a striker, has been giving lower league defences sweat-drenched nightmares for more than a decade. When AFC Wimbledon got drawn out of the hat against Liverpool earlier this season in the third round of the FA Cup, the stage was set for Bayo to terrorise a Premier League back four – and he rose to the occasion with a goal against his boyhood club along with some pretty nifty skills…   Not bad for a big lad! Anyway, here’s some pub quiz knowledge about the beast that is Adebayo Akinfenwa…

    • Akinfenwa weighs in at more than 16 stone (roughly 1.5 Lionel Messis) and can bench press 180kg (almost 3 Lionel Messi’s).



    • He moved to Lithuania at the age of 18 to pursue his football career.



    • On his debut match, fans jeered him with racist abuse: “Zigga, zigga, zigga, kill the f*cking n*gga.”



    • An 11-year-old Lithuanian girl wearing a “White Power” shirt once made a Hitler salute to his face.



    • Despite all of this, Bayo took inspiration from his brother’s advice to “stay [in Lithuania] and show them what you are about.”



    • He is officially the strongest player in the world, according to cult computer game FIFA.



    • He once began an interview by telling his questioner: “Man, if I got a good grip, I could probably throw you across the room and out the window.”



    • He has his own line of designer clothing with the slogan “Beast Mode On.”





    • His pulse can only be measured on the Richter Scale.



    • He can kill two stones with one bird.


Although he has been approached many times to play American football or rugby, Bayo never had a doubt about which sport was the one for him. Now he has a chance to prove it on the biggest stage, and not everyone was happy about it:  

You can follow the man behind the beast on Twitter @daRealAkinfenwa

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