Zlatan With a Typically Modest Interview on How he is Adapting to The English Game

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When it was announced that the one and only Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be moving to British waters over the summer we were all moist with excitement, the goals, the skills, the aggression, the kicking-people-in-the-head-because-I-feel-like-it and of course, the swagger. Our hearts dropped slightly when we discovered that he’d be going to Manchester United but hey, nobody is perfect!!

Everything that we expected from the big Swede has happened, he is United’s top goalscorer, he has overcame ridiculous criticism about being ‘past it’ and he has not lost any of that arrogance for which we love him so much.

Zlatan has recently been speaking to the Man U official website where he lays down just how he thinks he’s got on since arriving here.

“No, I’m not chasing anybody. I’m chasing the head trophy – the Premier League.

“That is my aim. The individual things come as part of the main objective because that is like a bonus for every individual player.

“I have no individual targets because that I did already, after three months in England. After I conquered England – it took three months. If the collective does well, then the individuals will do well. I try to help the team and try to do what I’m best at – scoring goals, playing good and creating chances for my team-mates. As long as I can do that, I know I will help my team. The same thing with them, they help me the way they can for the team.”

Typical Zlatan, “England mate? Yeah, smashed it!”

With Manchester United currently 10 points behind in the Premier League and sitting in 6th spot, a Championship this year looks set to be out of reach for Mourinho’s men and with Zlatan set to probably only stay one more year that puts a shitload of pressure on next season for Zlatan and co. If he doesn’t end up winning the title with United then you can guarantee one thing, it won’t have been Zlatan’s fault!

Check out some of Zlatan’s greatest Zlatanisms here.

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