Mamadou Sakho Has His Say on Anfield Situation

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Mamadou Sakho has had a tricky six months the once-shit defender actually managed to find some form last year and almost convinced everyone that he was pretty good, then the defender’s career seemed to spiral out of control. Sakho failed a drug test for taking a fat burning substance and got banned by FIFA, before the test was overturned although too late for him to get any more game time.

During the summer Sakho really got on Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp’s tits, so much so that the Frenchman was sent home from pre-season US tour. Clop sent the defender home after he turned up late for training 3 times and also there was an incident during an interview with Klopp in Alcatraz where Sakho tried to gatecrash it, the whole US tour was a bit weird and the take-no-shit manager was having none of it.



Sakho hasn’t played a game for Liverpool this season, although Alberto Moreno has done a great job and a great favour for Sakho  in being so wonderful shit that he has taken some of the spotlight away from the Frenchman. Still, many have wondered what the situation is with Sakho, and he has finally taken to Snapchat to say his piece, and insinuate Klopp as a liar at the same time… that’s it Mamadou, call the boss a liar, especially when he’s an aggressive and intense German who seems to hold a grudge, not the smartest of moves mate.

Quite what the scouse fans will make of Sakho’s attack on LFC and Klopp remains to be seen but it’s moe than likely that they will side with the huggable and impossible to dislike, Klopp, impossible to dislike unless your name is Mamadou Sakho.

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