Stan Collymore Declares War On Chelsea and Glasgow Rangers

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Outspoken TalkSPORT pundit Stan Collymore is rarely the one to be a shrinking violet when something controversial or taboo is kicking off, so it was no surprise that the former Premiership striker got his teeth into the latest subject to cause a stir; racism in football.

After the disgusting scenes in Paris this week, Stan had his say regarding his thoughts on the incident and disdain for Chelsea football club, before liking their intolerance to that of Glasgow Rangers (or whatever they call themselves nowadays).

Stan Collymore twitter racism

Stan Collymore twitter racism

Big Stan wasn’t quite done there. Rangers fans have recently started a petition to get Collymore fired for accusing them of singing sectarian songs, but failing to mentioning fierce rivals Celtic fans do the same thing. The former Liverpool and Villa striker, never the one to walk away from a fight launched a tirade of tweets, branding Ranger’s fans with the double standard sword.

Starting with this video, with the tweet: “This is the League Cup semi Final. This is sectarian chanting with “Fenian blood ” distinctly heard in the song” and “This is the visible danger of using the phrase “small minority” at football matches” on the second video.

Stan Collymore racist TwitterStan Collymore racist Twitter

Stan Collymore racist Twitter

Collymore explained his reasoning for his recent fondness of Celtic earlier this year:


The Brummie claims he’s not ready to back down and that he will affirm his views on air tonight:

Stan Collymore racist TwitterStan Collymore racist Twitter

We’ll watch/listen in anticipation to what Stan has to say tonight. Sectarianism and racism fall from the same tree, but is it right to ‘tar everyone with the same brush,’ or are his points valid? Is this a problem amongst the masses, or is it just a selection of dickheads ruining your weekend Bovril and sausage roll experience? Is Collymore showing bias by not calling out Celtic for the same crime? We’ll leave the answers up to you.

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