US News Reporter Makes Outlandish Claim About Bob Bradley

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Football in the US has been growing rapidly in the last decade, the MLS, the poor as piss yank version of our outstanding Premier League has started to gradually improve on quality, gradually. Whilst it is still a league that acts as the sort of nursing home of World football, a final payday for the big boys before they depart the game, the MLS and US football is on the rise.


Every now and again however, they remind us just how much they don’t get it and despite the yanks wanking themselves into a coma when US manager Bob Bradley became the first American manager to get a position in the Premier League after taking over at Swansea…some of the press clearly thought his achievements were a little grander.

US news network ABC had continuous reports on their headlines that Bradley had actually taken over as manager of Chelsea, in your fucking dreams mate. Clearly nobody pointed out their error for sometime as the news channel kept running the story.

In all fairness it wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility for Roman Abramovich to once again swing the managerial sword, he doesn’t half love a managerial change but the notion that he would opt for Bob Bradley however is absolutely mental.

Check out the video below to see how once again, the Americans just don’t get it.

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