Torres: Never Scoring Again Helped Liverpool Fans Forgive Me

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He fooled a lot of football fans into thinking he was the “50m striker that never was”, finally the real truth is out.

Following the release of Simon Hughes’ tell-all book charting the recent years at Anfield, Ring of Fire: Liverpool FC Into the 21st Century, Torres has recently opened up about events leading up to his famous Merseyside departure.

Touching on how he feels the club portrayed him as a “traitor”, swiftly after joining Chelsea for the British transfer record in 2011, the Spanish World Cup winner has explained further the matter, even going so far as to detail the complicated process by which he healed his several-year long rift with The Reds.

“Basically, in my attempt to win back Scouse hearts and minds, I decided the only way to claw myself back into the fans’ good books was to flat out refuse to score for any other club that would have me”, Torres explains.

Outside the Premier League, such explanation will no doubt also come as a collective sigh of relief to journalists and fans the world over, putting to rest all the murky rumours surrounding the mystery of Torres’ torrid form.

Hitting 65 goals in 102 league appearances for one of England’s most decorated clubs, Torres left never really seeming like the same player.

Fernando’s secret pledge to the Scouse Army has been one of the best kept secrets in all football”, commented former Liverpool defensive legend John Scales. “Not only did he net us 50m big ones that enabled us to spend wisely on Andy Carroll, he cleverly sabotaged some of our keenest opposition too“.

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