The Secret to Staying Motivated During This Pandemic

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The COVID-19 situation threw everything and the world on a spin. So unprecedented is the situation that it won’t come as a surprise the pandemic forming the topic of discussion not only in adult conversations but in term paper writing service for students in schools in the foreseeable future. The common theme revolves around uncertainty, isolation, and stress to a majority, if not everyone, around the globe.

Staying Motivated in Pandemic Times

It is essential to acknowledge the dire situation and the limits it has imposed on people both at a psychological and physical level. However, finding a ray of hope is essential in keeping positive and staying motivated for the entirety of this uncertain period; however long it will last. With everything grinding to halt and everything going silent, it’s important to stay positive, learn, and emerge more robust when the dust settles.

In as much as this can sound easy, it is not easy to stay positive as different people react distinctively to crises. Some individuals can cope by embracing their hidden kitchen ability and bake bread of different kinds while others can turn to view Tiger King. The ability to self-motivate swings and varies with different people based on some factors, and this is why you can spot a friend working in pajamas or another doing a marathon on their patio or balcony.

Dr. Rosenberg, a behavioral specialist, opines that self-motivation has a connection to the working of the brain. A “go-getter” has increased dopamine levels in the motivation and reward brain portion, while individuals with low-self motivation have dopamine located in their emotion and risk area of the brain. The go-getters get highly motivated by the anticipation of a reward for their efforts.

Motivation is more of a habit than a feeling as it combines your experience in life with techniques in solving problems that you have perfected with time. As such, it acts a propellant towards action, and this can get successfully strengthened using a few strategies.

The theory of self-determination stipulates that individuals get motivated to change and grow in instances where they have needed to meet autonomy, competence, and connection. Feelings of mastery complete with skills lead to competence, feelings of behavioral control, and ability to take action lead to independence, and lastly, the development of close relationships coupled with a feeling of belonging leads to connection. A person can improve on the three elements by working on them to enhance motivation.

The three elements of connection, competence, and autonomy, have adversely gotten affected during these pandemic times in one way or another, and this can explain the low levels of self-motivation. However, it’s possible to improve on all three aspects by setting goals and working on achieving them.

Achieving set goals brings a sense of competency or accomplishment when you cross off each milestone. Break each task into smaller pieces and tackle each to completion before embarking on the next part. Having a checklist and accomplishing each project milestone will bring a feeling of accomplishment. Further, approaching competency from a learning and curiosity angle will increase your sense of autonomy. Finally, you can set other objectives to satisfy your baser instincts like sending gift cards to friends and family who are in isolation. As such, you will improve the connection aspect.

Practice self-care by taking proper breaks when your body communicates when working at home, as productivity in such a pandemic represents a luxury and hardly a necessity. Further, adopt strategies to manage your stress and anxiety level through self-care or humor before rebuilding your strength and growth.


It is essential to take a moment during these unprecedented times and take stock of what our lives have become before carefully thinking of what positive things to emerge with when the COVID-19 pandemic dust finally settles. For a large proportion of individuals, it will prove the first and real opportunity to start again on a new page with full awareness and control. It can get overwhelming at the moment, but because of the uncertainty, who knows, the future can prove fruitful, let alone the shows of promise.

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