Six Yoga Stretches That Will Help with The Awful Pain on Your Neck

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Hunching over a screen for expended periods has its effects. One of those effects is feeling pain on your neck and back. However, there’s a remedy for that by doing yoga.

Doing yoga allows you to pay attention to what your body is telling you. We feel pain in our bodies due to two things, physical and emotional stress. The neck, for example, is where our insecurities lie. I bet you didn’t know that. It means that when you relieve the neck of pain, you’re also releasing an emotional block. Whenever you want to know how you’re feeling emotionally, you need to pay close attention to how you feel physically. Learn more about this topic on essay assignment help. Below are some simple stretches to help you reconnect with yourself and disconnect from the screen.

  1. Hands behind your head.

Doing this stretch helps in opening your shoulders and alleviating pain in your neck. Similarly, it’s a heart-opening exercise.

Interlace your fingers while standing or sitting and place them behind your head. Tilt your head back against your hands. After that, move your elbows from side to side, if possible, draw them behind you so that your chest makes a convex shape. Be cautious not to flare out the ribs. Instead, use your abdominals for support.

  1. Chin to the chest.

The neck is the bridge connecting your brain to the rest of the body. The exercise is gentle yet targeted for the neck to relieve stress.

Sit up tall and nice, then reach up to your head’s crown. Lower the chin onto the chest area, slightly allowing your head’s weight to stretch out your neck. You can apply gentle pressure using your hands and take five deep and slow breaths.

  1. Look behind you.

Sit up tall on a chair, if possible, for this exercise. Reach up through your head’s crown. Inhale deeply. When exhaling, look over the right shoulder and try to keep your torso n the center. Look far behind as your neck can move – even using the eyes. When inhaling, move back to the center position. Repeat also, while looking over your left shoulder. Continue this four times more for each side.

  1. Shoulder rolls and drops.

The neck and shoulder muscles work together, making it necessary to relieve tension in this region.

Stand or sit up tall. Inhale gently while bringing your shoulders up towards your ears in a circular motion. When exhaling, draw your shoulders behind you and assume your starting position. Repeat these four more times. After that, inhale while bringing your shoulders up towards the ears. Exhale through your mouth in a quick sigh while allowing your shoulders to drop. Repeat this exercise 3 more times.

  1. Major shoulder stretch.

The exercise aims at relieving strain from the lower back, shoulders, and neck. After the exercise, you’ll feel centered and relaxed.

Rollback your shoulders and down; interlace your fingers behind the lower back. While inhaling, straighten out your arms and reach them far away from your back while raising them behind you. While exhaling, fold your elbows to your sides while keeping your fingers interlaced. Bring your hands back to the lower abdomen.

  1. Ear to shoulder.

The exercise helps stretching the muscles responsible for tilting and for rotating your head.

Deeply inhale. While exhaling, lower your left ear to your left shoulder. Inhale while assuming the starting position. Repeat this for the right side as well.


You can do these exercises as a routine or when you feel stressed and pain in your neck.

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