Aberdeen FC Midfielder Aims To Ruin The Human League’s New Year Party

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The Human League stored all of their charisma in Phil Oakley's mullet.

The Human League stored all of their charisma in Phil Oakley’s mullet.

The Human League, who are the best known for their collection of improbable hairstyles and their 1981 smash hit “Don’t You Want Me,” have pretty much ruined Christmas for the supporters of Aberdeen Football Club

Aberdeen fans had tried to revive the fortunes of the ailing band, which have been flagging ever since frontman Phil Oakley’s hair fell out, by substituting the title lyrics of their famous song for the line “Peter Pawlett, Baby”, paying tribute to their talismanic midfielder.

They even led a brave but ill-fated charge to get the forgotten ditty back to number one spot after Aberdeen’s Scottish League Cup win last year, reaching number four instead.

However, despite Aberdonian pleas for the band to sing the line at The Human League’s upcoming Hogmanay concert in Stonehaven, Oakley and co, remained unmoved.

We won’t be singing Peter Pawlett baby, we will be singing our song for the crowd,” stonewalled long-term backup crooner, Susan Ann Sully. “When we played T in the Park this year, Don’t You Want Me brought the house down and we expect it to be the same,” she so-there-ed.

Of course, at the gig in question Aberdeen fans had their way with the song all the same, and will expect to do so again, with or without the backing of the band.

And so, the countdown begins to see if the fans of Aberdeen FC will get their own way in the forthcoming concert. A bunch of drunken, boisterous Scots on a mission – what could possibly go wrong?

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