Sam Allardyce Dressed Up As Cheryl Cole, Sweet Lord

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It’s been quite a year for Big Sam, landed the dream job of England manager, fucked it all up shortly afterwards following the Daily Telegraph sting which not only revealed that Sam was game for making a but of money on the side and giving advice on bypassing FIFA rules, but also that he loved nothing more than to drink white wine from a pint glass.

Such is the way of football, bad guys can redeem themselves with a few wins or through offering hope to a club in desperate need of someone with ability, Ched Evans even played again for fuck’s sake and we wouldn’t be surprised if Wigan Athletic picked up Adam Johnson on a free upon his release to save the club’s fortunes.

Anyway, for Big Sam that meant the opportunity to head to Crystal Palace after the sacking of wideboy and ageing pimp, Alan Pardew. Things have not gone well for Allardyce so far at Palace but there is still a long way to go and if anyone has a reputation for saving clubs from relegation then it’s the big fella!

In Allardyce’s autobiography there is a worrying excerpt which focusses on Allardyce’s love for a party:

“I squeezed into some very tight black pants and nailed the Moonwalk. I’ve even dressed up as Cheryl Cole.”

As if the video of Allardyce going mental in Marbella or Ayia Napa wasn’t enough for us to take, the idea that there could be a photo of the big guy dressed up as Cheryl Cole would be too much to take, surely nobody has that right…?


Once seen, never unseen, sorry folks.

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