John Sheridan With Epic Foul-Mouthed Referee Rant

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The referee report has just emerged which has provided all of the filthy details of John Sheridan’s crazy rant during his Notts County side’s 2-0 defeat to Wycombe last month.

During the game Sheridan was sent up to the stands for his behaviour and he was then subsequently banned for 5 games after he went batshit crazy at the referee and the fourth official. Thankfully we can now see exactly what Sheridan said to the officials and after reading it, it is pretty unsurprising that the boss got banned for 5 games.

Turning the air as blue as Frankie Lampard’s blood, Sheridan shouted:

‘You’re a fucking disgrace, you fucking useless, you’ve not fucking got anything right today, you should be fucking ashamed, you’re fucking shit, my kids aren’t going to get any fucking Christmas presents because of fucking you.’

Not entirely sure why his kids wouldn’t get any presents as a result of an iffy offside call but hey, when that Christmas spirit takes you, right?

Sheridan clearly felt the fourth man was feeling left out so he decided to give him a bit whilst he was on:

‘You’re a fucking cunt. You really are a cunt. I’m gonna knock you out you cunt.’

To be fair to Sheridan, who seems unlikely to win any literature awards any time soon, knocking out 3 C-bombs in the space of 15 words is quite a feat and one that he should probably be proud of.

Sheridan has since been sacked by the Magpies, surprisingly not because of his rant, it was more to do with the fact that his side had lost 9 games on the bounce. Clearly impressed by his erm, passion, Oldham Athletic have now hired the services of Sheridan as they look to escape relegation from League One.

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